September 14, 2014

Now, We're Really Full-timers

Tim flew back to Colorado on May 8, and it was so good to see him.  We drove back to Estes Park from the airport, and he was able to say his final “Good-bye” to the house.  

We met the women who were purchasing the house the next morning at the walk-through.  Such delightful women!  They were so complementary and appreciative of what we had done to prepare the house for them.  I will always try to leave a house in the condition that I’d like to receive one – nail holes filled, paint touched up and carpet cleaned.  But most of all – as clean as possible.  We told them about the quirks of the house and its systems and then headed for closing.

Closing was easy, pleasant and friendly.  We took photographs, and our realtor said that was a first for him.  The four of us just wanted a little something to remember the occasion.  We signed the last of the papers, and Tim and I were officially homeless.  No, that’s not true.  We were officially full-timers.  What a wonderful feeling.  We were free.

Everyone's Happy Today

Every Closing Should Be this Fun

Just like the last time we left Estes Park, we didn’t go far.  We drove back down the mountain to Boyd Lake State Park in Loveland to catch our breath, finish a few errands and celebrate.  Boyd Lake was our home for a bit longer than planned after a freak Mother’s Day snowstorm slammed the area.  Hopefully, this will be the last white stuff we’ll see for a long time.

We're Getting a Bit Tired of these Weather Adventures

What a Difference a Day Makes


  1. My goodness, what an adventure your Spring was.. and your summer... can't wait to read about Autumn! ha ha Good to know you are back in good health and on the roads. Love, LV

    1. Thanks, LV. It's been a crazy six months, and it feels so good to be back on the road again. Autumn is a favorite season and a perfect time to travel. It's been great so far and promises to get even better.


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