September 8, 2015

Stay Tuned . . .

After an intense, but rewarding, two-week work session at Denali National Park, Tim and I packed up and headed towards Fairbanks to restock for our trip south.  Yes, we have begun our journey back to the Lower 48 and will cross into Canada today on the Alaska Highway.

I still have several posts to finish about our time in Denali, including my two trips into the park.  Reviewing all those photographs and selecting a few favorites takes time!  I’m not sure when I’ll get those posted since we will have to rely on WiFi in Canada.  I won’t leave you in total suspense, however, and will give you a spoiler alert.  I did see the mountain on a gorgeous blue-sky day!

I’ll try to post when I can during our two-week trip to Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site in North Dakota.  We likely won’t cross back into the United States until the day before we arrive in Fort Union, currently scheduled for September 21.  Stay tuned.


  1. So glad you got to see the mountain on a clear day:) Safe travels!

  2. The mountain threw off her cloak for us in 2001 ... seeing the "High One" is such a wonderful experience. I hope you also saw Denali reflected in the lake; we didn't make it that far into the park, so I hope we will have that opportunity when we get up there in the motorhome.

  3. Looking forward to your next post. I assume you are finished with your time at Fort Union. Just wondering where the road leads next. Hope it leads to the south west. Jeanie Hockins


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